Saturday, May 30, 2009

More Earthquake News

You may have heard on the news (or maybe not) that there have been several additional, much smaller earthquakes in Honduras, following the original large one on Thursday morning. We haven't felt any of these quakes, as they are happening up in the area of the north coast (near the epicenter of the original quake) but are so much smaller (mostly between 4 and 5 on the Richter Scale). If you're interested in learning more about that activity, La Gringa's blog is the place for north coast info.

Up here in the mountains things are calm, but yesterday we were informed about a city about an hour from Gracias, where there are reported to be many damaged and destroyed homes and churches. Allen and Alan are headed there right now, to find out first hand how much damage there has been. In the poorer parts of the mountains, the buildings are generally built from mud bricks, without the use of cement or any other materials which would help to strengthen them. The city of La Iguala is an area that, until very recently, had no road coming into it - so it would have been especially unlikely that people would have been bringing construction materials in from the outside - which means that the pretty much the entire town is probably constructed of fragile mud bricks.

I'll report back later, when Allen returns with details and pictures. We're hopeful that we can arrange to get some help for those who have lost their homes and churches in that area.

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