Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Show Off Your Smarts re: Honduran Food

Who can name either (or both) of these typical Western Honduran foods? I have no idea if they are typical in other parts of Honduras - I never saw either of these when we lived on Guanaja.

I didn't cook these, by the way - they were bought from a lady who comes around at noon every day. She also sells those wonderful bags of spiced green mango slices. We buy those quite regularly!


Sandy said...

Tamales and tortillas stuffed with beans? They look YUMMY!

Honduras Sprout said...

I have been enjoying he Mexican corn husk tamales I can buy in MN. I prefer them over the typical Honduran banana leaf kind.

I wonder what is the reason for the stuffing of the tortillas? Easier to transport/sell? I suppose.

Laurie said...

The corn wrapped food could be tamales as Michelle suggested, or a type of empanada in corn husk. The tortillas look like pupusas that are filled with beans. I don't know for sure. Is there a prize if I win?

Anonymous said...

all I know is that it looks yummy...and the tortillas need that cream that we had when we were up in the frontier.

anna CCC

Anonymous said...

Hey, where's the creama?

It's pupusa and tamale de elote

(we got this info from Pastor Joe Lugo)
He's hungry now!


Trish said...

Oh, you guys are good!

The stuffed tortillas are called pupusas or empanadas, and they might be stuffed with beans, chicken, or pork. They are a little dry - crema is definitely a good idea!

The little corn-husk wrapped thingies are called ticucos, locally (I'm not too sure of the spelling on that). They are like a poor man's tamale, as they use beans in place of the meat and veggies usually found in tamales.

No prizes on this blog, Laurie, but if I ever offer one, and you win, at least I can send it on the bus!

Howdy all you CCCers! Come on down and have lunch with me again soon!

Live Simply Love Strongly said...

Son pasteles? No, no son pasteles.
Son tamales? No, no son tamales...A mi me gustan las pupusas! (It's a song! If you haven't heard it, you should check it out!)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8108nEf2mlg (I think this should work?)

Honduras Sprout, I actually prefer the banana leaf tamales! I think the leaf gives it flavor as it cooks, I will ask my suegra...

Anonymous said...
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