Saturday, June 20, 2009

Doors and Windows

Here is the picture I thought I took last weekend - a nice exterior shot of the security bars on the windows of our new buildings. We designed these bars, based on the bars at our previous rental house. There is no limit to the designs for metal window bars and gates. See this post and this post for a tour of the bars of Gracias. Window bars, people! ;-D

Our welder friend, Rodrigo, created the bars from our design, and is working with us on the installation and touching up the paint once the bars are installed. He also made the metal doors for the back of the warehouse/bodega. One of these is a simple people-door, but the other is a huge sliding door. The sliding door is complicated by having a swinging door as part of the structure. In this way, we can open the door all the way, or simply swing open part of the door, as needed.

Notice, also, that there is metal roofing above the bodega in that picture! We have the back half of the roof finished, and a large part of the front prepared to receive the metal sheets in the next few days.

The carpenter is a bit behind schedule on the wooden doors and the windows, but we're gently pushing him to get them done soon!

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Missus Wookie said...

Oh the bars are pretty - I like the gentle scroll work. Sad that you need them, but glad that you have them!