Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Earthquake Damage Report, part 2

This young mother of 3 (soon to be four) is one of the people who lost their homes in the earthquake last week. In some ways, she's one of the luckier ones, as her husband is still with her family, and will be able to oversee things for them. He was, in fact, in the process of building an addition onto their home before the earthquake.

In the foreground of the picture above, you can see the older part of the house, which is completely destroyed. In the background is the newer, still-under-construction part of the house.

Sadly, the damage to the new section is extensive, and all of the new construction will have to be torn down.

For now, this family will be living in this structure. They have attached tarps where there should be walls, for privacy and protection from the weather. The box the father is holding in the picture contains blankets for the children, and food. These items were available to us to donate through the generosity of Kids Against Hunger.

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