Monday, June 8, 2009

Feeling a bit rattled . . .

We felt another earthquake tonight here in Gracias (I guess I should say "last night" since it's after midnight now - but it seems weird to say "last night" about something that happened just an hour ago).

This was a much smaller earthquake than the previous one we felt here (5.7 vs 7.3 on May 28th). It was also of very short duration. I waited it out, and decided it was not necessary to rouse the kids for this one. That was a good call, as I couldn't have gotten everyone awake before it was over. It gave us a nice rattling, though, and got my heartrate up a bit.

There have actually been quite a few small quakes since the Big One on May 28th. According to the blogger La Gringa in La Ceiba there have been a total of ten, before the one tonight. These have been of various strengths, but most all have been on the north coast or just a few miles offshore. We haven't felt any of the quakes between the first one and the one we just experienced.

Honduras isn't generally as seismically active as these recent days have been - so this surge in earthquake activity is leaving us all feeling a bit shook up!


Theresa in WV said...

Oh, my! I hadn't heard about your earthquakes until now because we were gone the whole month of May. I'm glad you are all okay.

Anonymous said...

I'm so thankful you are all okay. We will keep the people of La Iguala in our prayers. Have you had any luck finding disaster relief funds? What would it take to rebuild one of these homes? Are there other peripheral needs that disaster relief won't cover?
Love you all and miss you.
Love Beth Webb and family

Anonymous said...

Trish I am so sorry. I don't know why it printed four times!!!
Just hit that delete key! : }
Love Beth

Trish said...

Gotcha covered, Beth! :-D