Monday, June 15, 2009

Look at these walls!

Yesterday I visited our property, to see the progress. I was especially interested in seeing the security bars for the windows, and the finish on the interior walls.

I think the interior walls are quite lovely! We wanted the look of adobe, and I think it's a nice look.

Somehow, though, I managed to neglect to actually take a good picture of the window bars! So, you'll have to trust me that they look really good, considering that I'm not all that fond of the look of security bars. These bars are, however, a necessary evil here, and we worked hard to make them as non-objectionable (to us) as we possibly could. You'll barely see some of the bars in the pictures, but you need to see them from outside to get a good feel for them, and I've got no pictures of that - sorry.

This picture is the best I've got for now. I promise to try to do better next time!

The pictures below are of the interior of the bodega/warehouse. The wood on the floor is part of the roof structure - much of which was installed today. The large pieces of metal on top of the wood are the parts for the sliding metal door, which will be the loading door for the warehouse.

I love seeing things starting to come together like this!


Randall and Rachel Beita said...

Wow! It is looking great! What an encouragement to see what is being accomplished.

Missus Wookie said...

It does look great - and I keep thinking of all that roof for rain harvesting between the bodega and house.

Not that we personally need more rain here but still.

Beth said...

Hey Trish
There are folks in Glen St Mary (Ralph and Aggie) and folks in Orange Park (Todd the worm man and others) who are talking about another trip to Gracias!! I am so hopeful it will come together for next summer. I miss you all so much! Give my love to all the campers when they return. Take a day off from all the chores and go play! Hope you can.

Theresa in WV said...

It looks like things are moving right along, Trish! It looks great. What's the estimated completion date?

Trish said...

Hey Wookie - we are indeed looking into collecting rain from the roofs of the buildings. It looked, for a while, like this was going to be our only source of water (which wasn't a great plan, as we have a long dry season here), but now it seems that we will have water piped in from a nearby river, and we will be able to collect rainwater as a secondary supply.

Beth - I sure do hope you guys can come next year. That would be great! The campers are home, and they are all sick!

Hi Theresa - we are hoping to move into these two buildings in August (this has been moved back from July, because of Allen having to unexpectedly recuperate from biopsy surgery and then having to spend a lot of time on the earthquake recovery). We will be semi-camping if we move then, but that is our goal!