Tuesday, September 1, 2009


We are getting closer and closer to moving onto our property - but as a family, we all agreed that we couldn't move out there until we had water at the house site. We have a river on the property, but it's at the bottom, and the buildings are at the top, for the view. No one wants to haul water half a mile, uphill!

So, the menfolk have been working to install water lines from a nearby source (about a mile away), to our property. The lines are now installed - hurrah! - and the system is receiving improvements (building a tank, installing valves, etc), but basically the water is in!

To make you feel more a part of the process, here are some pictures of the work:


TexasHeather said...

Boy am I ever so grateful for already piped in water and weekly delivery of nice, safe bottled water to drink.

So happy for you guys that one more thing on the list is getting done before that October move in!!! Hooray!!!

Beth said...

Hey Trish
Do you need a pump for your water system or is it gravity feed? Just wondering! : ]