Saturday, December 19, 2009

The First Day (part 3): The Boring Part

Russell drove the beige Land Cruiser, carrying Trish, Gus, Boo and David. The majority of our drive was on beautiful new roads, with the exception of the one hour driving on dirt - but even that was mostly smooth, well-packed dirt. We were ahead of schedule, the roads were clear, the scenery was beautiful, and the vehicle ran well. Really, isn't this the most unbelievable part of the whole story? We even bought Domino's pizza for dinner, in the city of Siguatepeque. When we reached the city of Comayagua, we stopped for the night at a hotel. (If you like maps, you can find both of these cities on the map I posted with the previous portion of this story.)

Allen and Rachel (in the white Land Cruiser) had made it to the bank in San Pedro Sula in time to complete the financial arrangments, and they were on their way to rendezvous with us in Comayagua. They encountered some really bad road construction delays late in the day, including one spot where they sat for an hour and a half without moving at all, so they were about an hour behind us.

We all settled in for the night, knowing that we needed to start out early the next day, as we wanted to get to the Immigration office as early as possible. We still had a nice chunk of road to traverse to get to the capital. We don't visit Tegucigalpa often, and we didn't know the location of the Immigration office, so we also had to figure on some extra time for getting lost, and turning around, and such.

Next time: Our day at the Immigration office


TexasHeather said...

I'm have Dominoes Pizza???? Now *that* is unbelievable, LOL!

On a more serious note, I keep wanting to say "praying for you guys" but as this is all done and over with....well, I feel silly saying so. BUT, I am and will be praying that the finances of the situation are easily recovered. Or at least swiftly.

And hoping for a happy ending.....the next part sounds like the ominous/scary part to me....

Trish said...

Thanks Heather! We always tell people "Pray for us when you don't hear anything, because that's likely when we need it the most!"

And yes, there are now Dominoes Pizza places in a number of larger cities. Not yet where we live, but now within a 2 hour drive of us! We call that progress!