Saturday, January 30, 2010

Making a warehouse a home . . . making a home a warehouse

For the past month, the kids and I have been spending a great deal of time creating a home out of one huge room, since we are living in the warehouse/bodega until our permanent house is built. The only problem with this (well, maybe just one of a few problems) is that in addition to needing a house, we also need a warehouse. So, the building has to serve both purposes at once.

Happily, we also have a 20' shipping container on the property, and we use that for some storage throughout the year. Once each year, however, we receive an entire 40' container of donated items, as gifts for the pastors with whom we work, and for children in our area. (This container is supposed to arrive before Christmas, but this year the arrival was delayed, and we're just about to receive it.) Not only do we have to have space to unload the contents of the container, but we also need to have room to sort these items for distribution.

So, now that we've almost got this warehouse looking like a home, we're going to figure out how to shift things around, to use our home as a warehouse for a month or two.

I'll try to post pictures soon - I've been waiting until I could get some nice ones, so my readers aren't appalled at our living conditions. The situation isn't so very bad, really, but I just haven't been ready to show it to the world! ;-D


Missus Wookie said...

Good luck.... hope you can find a way that doesn't include sleeping on piles of boxes :)

bc said...

I think you're going to have to move up that container shipment schedule in order to make it on time for Christmas!

TexasHeather said...

good luck rearranging and living with the warehouse for a while.

I hope it proves easier than you imagine.

Stephanie said...

Not to worry about showing the world! A "house" is just a thing, but a "home" is everything - family, comfort, joy, etc. One of my happiest, temporary homes was a bush camp - canvas tent, stumps for seating, open fire with a grill and a tiny gas bottle fueled single burner "stove"... Me & my kids had such a great time for the two weeks we spent together there!