Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Am I ready for this?

My children are turning into adults at an amazingly rapid rate.

Kirstin (22) no longer lives at home. In fact, she no longer lives in the same country with us. She left last summer for a "we'll see how it goes" trip to live, work, and study in the US. It has mostly gone well - she actually got a job, which is somewhat amazing in the current economic situation. So, Kirstin is busy having some of those everyday American experiences she missed growing up here. Which is good, but we miss her.

Russell (20) is about to become officially engaged. His girlfriend is Honduran, so our ties to this country are becoming a bit more permanent than they were previously. This weekend we will be attending an official engagement event, with our family, Iris' family, and pastors from the church they attend. Then we will really start in on the planning for a cross-cultural wedding, to be held in Honduras but hopefully attended by some of our North American family.

Russell and Iris

Rachel (18) is dating a long-term friend, who is living and studying at the Air Force Academy (Honduran, in case you were wondering). She doesn't get to see him often, and she's counting the days until the week he gets to come home to Gracias for Semana Santa (the week between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday).

Recently, Russell drove Rachel over to the city of Comayagua for a visit to the Air Force Academy. They were having a special event there, so it was open for visitors. I had her take some pictures to share with you - and to share with me, as well. I was curious!

This is Rachel's boyfriend, Brandy.

The front gate of the school.

The ceremony involved some stepping stone achieved by the first year class. Brandy is currently in the second year class.

Brandy tells us he was in this group with the plumed hats during the ceremony - we haven't been able to find him in the picture. Without hair, these guys all look alike!

More cadets, in their regular uniform.

Visitors viewing the air field.

I've got to publish this, and get back to work now. Those pastor gifts don't make themselves, you know.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Russell, Iris and to both of their families! And thanks for the update, now we need an update on the younger three! They are getting older every day, too!

Jane McSweeney

Beth said...

I second the congratulations to Russell and Iris. How long does Brandy go to school before he graduates. And where will he serve? Give our love to all your family! Love and prayers...

beckyc said...


TexasHeather said...

Congratulations all around! Seconding Beth's questions, too....

Trish said...

Thanks friends! In answer to the questions, Brandy is in a 4 year program (he's in the middle of his second year). I have no idea where he'll serve, following his training.

Laurie said...

What a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing a intimate view of your beautiful children. And Congratulations to Russell And Iris.