Monday, March 1, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Several small items, none of which really merit a separate post:

The nightly ant invasion:
The two back doors to our house have potential food sources just inside. The kitchen trash can is right next to one door, and the bird's cage (with any leftover food) is next to the other door. Pretty much every night the big colony of ants living just outside the house come in to grab a bite, at one food source or the other. They're big ants, and there are lots of them, so this is not easy to ignore. We're dealing with it.

My two near-misses: Twice now I've found scorpions in the bathroom, but I haven't yet been bitten. Once, I was gathering up dirty laundry from the floor (how does it end up on the floor, when the hamper is right there?), and I uncovered a scorpion which was hiding under the clothes. The second time, the scorpion was just sitting on the floor of the shower, so I saw it before I was very close. I'm not freaking out about these, but I'm not liking them, either.

Re-decorating the house: We're close now, to the arrival of that container of donations, so we've been busily moving furniture around in our house, to make room. The space that used to be only the kitchen is now the kitchen and the living room. That's cozy.

Another anniversary and birthday: On February 28th, we celebrate the anniversary of our arrival in Honduras, in 2001. On March 1st, we celebrate Chris' birthday. He's sixteen today, and we have now been living in Honduras for nine years.

Sad to say: People have been posting advertisements and other unrelated stuff in the comments section of my blog for some time. I've just deleted anything objectionable, when I've seen it. Recently, however, there has been an upswing in the number of nasty links posted, so I've figured it's time for me to increase the security on the comments section of the blog. Starting immediately, I'll review all comments before they appear here. Since my internet time is limited, you can expect significant delays. Sorry about that.

That takes care of the bits and pieces of stuff I've been thinking of posting. I didn't have enough interesting information to make a post out of any one of them, so here they are all together.


Patty said...

You have a right to protect yourself from those who have no respect.

Watch where you put your hands and feet, please.

La Gringa said...

I had to do the same thing. I was being spammed like crazy and it's a pain in the neck to remove those comments -- so many clicks. I've noticed several other bloggers have had to start moderating comments as well.

Google mail does such an excellent job in screening spam; I really don't understand why they don't put something in place on Blogger comments.

Randall and Rachel Beita said...

Scorpions!! So glad we have not seen any recently. Our big one now is the ants had to move the trash can outside. Spiders. I accidentlly washed one today that was in the laundry. I do not them at all and had to call Randall to get him out of the washer.

Beth said...

Thanks for these bits and pieces...
In Florida we put dry grits around fire ant mounds. You have to do it when you don't expect rain for a day or so. The theory is that the ants will carry it to the queen then when she eats it she will die (because it expands inside her). I've used this for years and it does seem to work. The ant mound is usually gone within a week.
Sorry you had to moderate comments; simply a sign of the times.