Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another day of solar power installation

Today Allen and Russell are working on running cables to the roof, to connect the solar panels to all the equipment in the house. The cables will run up the inside of the front wall, and across through the roof trusses, and out through the ridge of the roof.

This is just one more set of cables in view in the "ceiling" of our "house." We have the computer cables, running out to the satellite dish, and a power cord running up to the one hanging light in the center of the house. Since our house is really a warehouse, I just pretend I can't see all of these cables. Allen does try to keep things looking fairly neat up there, so I don't have to look at a messy tangle of cables. Thanks Allen!

The solar cables look like this:

The cables running to the roof look like this:

Here is the first of the controllers, being installed near to the batteries, inverter, chargers, etc. The power station looked complicated to me before, and it's getting much more involved today!

It's interesting, listening to Allen and Russell as they figure out what each part of the system does, and then decide how and where to install it most effectively. For my part - I think staying out of the way while I take pictures is how I can help most efficiently!

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Beth said...

Trish I love to watch your family in action--each one doing his or her part.
Love Beth