Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some more photos

Above are Allen and Russell, adding more panels to the roof. As the panels are put in place, but not yet connected, the men are keeping them covered with blankets. Apparently, the panels collect energy as soon as they are exposed to the sun, but until they are connected to the system (and the batteries) that energy has nowhere to go. The little bit of energy in the panels (from the time they weren't covered during installation) surges into the system as soon as the panels are connected - and keeping this amount low, as we test the system, seems like a good idea to us. We don't really know if this is necessary, but we prefer to err on the side of caution.

Below is a random view from our property on this hazy day. This isn't one of the more spectacular views, just one of many.

I've received a bit of teasing about the fact that I'm not one of the people on the roof. I'll have you all know that I am risking skin myself, to get these pictures. Trudging into the brambles (where multitudes of ticks reside) and getting scratched up by briars isn't exactly a picnic, you know (although, it was similar to some picnics I've attended). Additionally, today I had to chase cattle off the high spot where I station myself to get views of the roof. Here are just a few of the beasts I had to wrangle:

Various other beasts were in attendance:

Kody, our beloved lab-mix

The cat we call "Mama"

As I type this, Allen, Russell, and Gus are working to connect 4 more panels. It looks like rain, though, so that might end the outside work for today.

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