Friday, April 30, 2010

What a week!

This past week was a busy one for my family. A group of dentists visited our area, to do free dental clinics, and we helped them with various aspects of their work. Boo, for instance, was in charge of mixing the material used in the fillings. Some family members helped translate, some worked on cleaning and disinfecting instruments, some did crowd control.

Christopher and I were, as usual, the hold-down-the-fort contingent. I had such big plans for the week! With Allen and most of the children gone all day every day, I had no schoolwork and very little cooking to do, so my housework level was low. I planned to make a huge difference in the pile of donations, so that we could quickly close out the Christmas gift project, and I could get my house back in order.

Alas. On Monday, I started to feel a bit upset in my tummy. Tuesday was a day best forgotten, with Christopher holding buckets for me, wiping up my messes, changing sheets, doing loads of disgusting laundry, disinfecting everything, etc. Christopher should get a medal. Instead, as you might expect, Christopher got the tummy bug, too.

Chris never got quite as sick as I did, but even now, he and I are limping along; hungry, but not enticed by food, or eating and then regretting that act.

I'm happy that, at least so far, we didn't pass the sickness along to any of the visiting dentists or the other family members. Rachel is flying to the US tomorrow (her first time to fly alone, so she's just a teensy bit nervous), and I really really hope she won't get sick while traveling!

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Beth said...

Sorry to hear that you and Chris were sick. He has grown up so much! Did Rachel arrive okay?
Beth Webb