Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ministry Montage

The "working" part of "living, working, and raising a family" sometimes gets short shrift on my blog. That's partially because Trish writes, but Allen oversees ministry. It's also because I run out of things to say, when we do the same things over again. But, since much of ministry does tend to repeat, and because I don't want you to think that we're just hanging about up here, enjoying the view and watching the birds, I thought I'd write a short ministry update.

Yesterday, for instance, Allen and Russell traveled to the city of San Pedro Sula (about a 3.5 hour drive) to pick up a batch of motorcycles. Paid for by funds raised by the Christian Motorcyclists Association, these motorcycles will be used by pastors in their work throughout western Honduras.

This past week, the monthly session of the pastor training school was held. Many of the details regarding the school are now handled by Hondurans. We, of course, still fund the school, we oversee things, and I bake the cakes for the dinners (I have the most important job, as you can tell), but things are running pretty smoothly.

We continue to supply many feeding centers with food. In fact, this particular part of the ministry has expanded significantly in the past year. I presume this is related to the downturn in the economy. I'm not sure exactly how many feeding centers we currently supply, but I believe it's approximately fifty. We also provide food to fourteen orphanages and several schools which provide lunches to their students, and to a group of families with special needs children. Allen estimates about 4500 children are being fed through the food we are helping to provide. We really should take a moment to thank Kids Against Hunger, the organization which supplies us with food. We only pay the cost to ship the food here, so we are able to feed children these vitamin enriched meals for about 1.5 cents per meal.

Also, I must mention that I am nearing the end of the process of creating and distributing "Christmas" gifts to the pastors with whom we work. Phew - just in time to start gearing up to do this again for this coming Christmas. We are determined to ship our container earlier this year, so be watching here for information soon on how you can be a part of this project in 2010!

There you go - a ministry update! Of course, I left out the bridge projects, the school and church construction projects, etc., but you get the idea.

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Cindy in California said...

Thank you for all that you do to minister to Hondurans physcial and spiritual needs. Thank you for sharing about it in your blog, too, so others know about it and can pray for you. May God continue to bless your family and ministry.