Monday, May 10, 2010

What did I do today?

I'd hoped that today would be a day where much would be accomplished. We've had a spell of the drags, since many family members have been mildly sick for the past week or so - not sick enough to go to bed, but not well enough to want to eat or move around much.

We're mostly better now, though, so I thought this was going to be a day I could look back on with pleasure at work completed.

Allen and I were in the kitchen first thing this morning - the kids weren't up yet - enjoying a rare quiet moment together. It was so quiet, in fact, that I noticed the sound of the refrigerator motor. It didn't sound quite right. So Allen and I pulled the fridge out from the wall . . . and the motor stopped altogether. And it wouldn't start up again. Sigh.

Remembering to be thankful here, I will tell you that I am happy we have a chest freezer in the house. We haven't been using it recently, so I was able to fill it with the food from the refrigerator, and plug it in to keep the food cold. Of course, wiping out that freezer and moving all the food over took quite a bit of time.

Allen and the boys put the refrigerator onto the trailer, and Allen hauled it to a repair shop in town, over our extremely bumpy dirt roads. Yeah, having a repairman come to the house would be such a gringo-style solution, don't you think? ;-D

Of course, when Allen plugged the fridge in at the repair shop, the motor started right up. Of course.

It was determined that a certain switch was going bad, and so a replacement was procured, and the fridge made a return trip on the trailer. This took most of the day.

When the fridge was back in its place in our kitchen, we returned all the food from the chest freezer to the fridge. On the upside, the fridge got a nice, thorough cleaning today.

Hmmmm - maybe I'll be able to look back on some accomplishments tomorrow evening?

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Stephanie said...

"On the upside, the fridge got a nice, thorough cleaning today."

See, you did get something accomplished that day! Sometimes we have to look really hard to find those "things that got done" but they are there... Hope everyone is feeling completely better... Stephanie, La Ceiba