Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More Lempira Day Photos - The Goddesses of the Lenca Indians

I don't know much about the traditions and historical beliefs of the Lenca Indians, the local indigenous population. But, based on the parade, I can speculate that they believed in a group of goddesses, who controlled the forces of nature. Here are a few depictions of the goddesses, of sun, moon, rain (or lightning/thunder), fire, and corn (or harvest):


Randall and Rachel Beita said...

Thanks for all of these beautiful pictures!! I love to see what it is like in other countries!

Laurie said...

Spectacular, and thanks for sharing a bit of your world. If you like, I would hope you would consider sharing your Lempira Day photos via a blog called Communal Global, which features photos and articles from around the globe each Tuesday. The girls would love to see these, I know! And you may enjoy sites from Germany, England, Italy, Mexico, the US and Hong Kong, as well as others who add to the list.