Friday, July 30, 2010

Our Rottweiler will be so happy!

Allen has been in San Pedro Sula handling some errands - he returns home later today. He'll be bringing a female Rottweiler-mix puppy with him. I'll post a picture, probably tomorrow, as I don't know how late Allen will get home. So, now the bull and the Rottweiler have mates.

Also, earlier this week Russell brought home a teensy male rabbit. We've had a female rabbit for about a year. Eventually, I assume we'll have bunny babies.

Strains of the "Matchmaker" song from Fiddler on the Roof have been heard around my house this morning. And when we mentioned all the matchmaking to Russell, he said, "And I'm getting married, too!"

Next year, I suppose I'll be posting pictures of babies . . .


Jennifer said...

Sounds like you'll have quite the happy menagerie!

Laurie said...

These titles are fine. As long as the posts remain G-rated. Once, again, we are happy that you and yours are rejoicing.

Rachel said...

You can have baby bunnies in 3 months! :) Bunnies are great fun! My daughter raises them.

I've enjoyed reading your blog.

Beth said...

Is this what God means when he says he will bless us?
Can't wait to see pictures of Russell and Iris's babies!
What joy! But let's have those wedding pictures first, okay?