Thursday, August 5, 2010

Double Trouble!

I guess we went a little puppy crazy. Allen did bring home a 3 month old female Rottweiler-mix puppy on Friday. She's a darling, and quite feisty. We think she'll probably end up with the name Pepper, possibly Sergeant Pepper. The puppy is recuperating from a skin problem (you can see it in the picture above, on her nose), so we got a deal on her price.

Russell went back to the city a few days later, and Allen asked him to check in on a rescue dog that had been available at the dog sellers the day he bought Pepper. Allen wanted to bring that dog home, in addition to the puppy, but there wasn't room in his vehicle. When Russell got there, the rescue dog was already taken, but there was this adorable little labrador puppy. Russell was tempted, but he explained to the seller that we didn't want a white dog, we wanted a black dog. So the seller dropped the price . . . significantly . . . and now we have two puppies in the house!

The lab is only 2 months old, so she's still sleeping much of the time. Her name might be Sugar, or Puddin', or something else. We're having a bit of trouble with the puppy names.

We're also having trouble getting puppy pictures. When the two of them are in the same place, there's quite a bit of action!

All those trips to the city were ministry trips, by the way. We've just purchased and distributed another ten motorcycles for pastors to use in their evangelistic and pastoral work in the mountains! Thanks again to the good folks at the Christian Motorcyclist's Association, who raise the funds for these motorcycle purchases!


Jennifer said...

Oh, my, those puppies could not be any cuter!

Cindy in California said...

Oh, how sweet they both are! I hope the puppy stage is fun and goes well and these dogs are a part of your family for many years to come!

The Reader said...

Cute! We can do puppyhood together!! We just 2 wks ago got a new golden retriever puppy, only a few weeks older than your lab pup. So fun!

Laurie said...

Ahhh. Brings back memories of Donny Osmond on the radio, Puppy Love. But I do love puppies. Enjoy them.

Missus Wookie said...

Oh these are cute - and I'm sure will be scary too in a few months :)

Are they both going to produce puppies?