Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Rest of the Story

I posted yesterday about the armadillo in my kitchen. I chose not to mention that our workers were planning to take the animal home and cook it. I'm told armadillo meat makes a delicious soup.

Anyway, before the workers left for the day with the armadillo, we had some other guests arrive. These were a group of people from one of the biggest churches in the city of Gracias. We just received funding for a school construction project for a school run by their church, and we were having a preliminary meeting regarding the disbursement of funds. Along with the adults came about six young boys (I never really figured out the relationships between the men, women, and boys), and as soon as everyone jumped out of the truck they were all attracted to the armadillo.

It surprised me, as I approached the group, to see one of the women holding the armadillo . . . but I was even more surprised when she bought it from our worker and popped it right into her large purse! I asked her if she was going to cook it, but she told me she is going to keep it as a pet.

So now you know . . . the rest of the story!

Ohhh, and here's a link to a fun webpage full of information about armadillos. I was happy that it was able to ease my mind regarding the leprosy question.


beckyc said...

Yes, the article describes what I've heard before. I just wouldn't want to be around one in case it bit me, and I certainly wouldn't want to eat it! (no, I'm not much of a risk-taker!)

Jennifer said...

I suspected it was intended for someone's dinner, which is why I asked. I was having a hard time imagining you, personally, knowing how to prepare an armadillo dinner, though.