Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Did you pray for us today?

I was just wondering, since it seems like someone might have been praying when Russell fell off the roof today, and only sustained a badly sprained ankle.

He was cementing down some clay roof tiles on our team house, when he slipped on some wet metal roofing (that's what's under the clay tiles) and discovered that there was nothing to grab onto, to keep himself from falling. At an estimate, he fell maybe 18 feet.

He drove himself back into Gracias, and then went to the hospital, where they did an X-ray and put on a cast. Apparently the damage is a very bad sprain, not a break, but it did involve some bone damage, and they want him in the cast for the next month.

So, if you pray for us (even if it wasn't today) . . . thanks!


Jennifer said...

Oh, my! Saying a prayer of thanks right now that he was not seriously injured and that he may heal quickly and, more importantly, completely.

Beth said...

So sorry to hear that Russell fell. : (
And so glad his injuries weren't more serious!
We do pray for you all at least once a week and sometimes daily depending on God's promptings.
Now we're praying for speedy and full recovery for his ankle.
Love the Webb's

Patty said...

I believe angels are watching over us. You are always in our prayers.