Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An Unexpected Double Bunny Situation

We recently acquired another puppy. This makes six dogs for us. The new pup is a mutt, mostly lab, with characteristics indicating that there's a good bit of hound dog in her ancestry. She has a thin face, long floppy ears, and her legs and feet appear much too large for her body at this point. When excited she wags her entire body, and she tends to leap while running. She's adorable, although she may grow up to be an odd-looking adult. We mostly bought her for her potential to grow huge (based on the size of her mother).

The pup has a sweet, loving temperament, and has been named "Bunny," because of the ears and the huge legs and feet. We also thought that a huge dog named "Bunny" would be kind of funny.

Last night, Russell and Iris dropped by the house. Russell had some paperwork he needed to handle with Allen, and he said Iris was coming along because she had a surprise for me.

Well, I was certainly surprised when Iris handed me a teensy tiny bunny. A real bunny, this time, not a puppy! A lady on the street was selling the baby. Since we recently lost both of our pet bunnies Iris thought of us, and got it for us.

The baby bunny is so small that we're not certain it's eating solid food. We're waiting to see how it does before we get too attached, but at the same time, the baby has already been named "Thumper."

Oh, I don't have the camera today (Allen took it along with him, on a trip to visit a project site), so I'll have to add pictures of the two "bunnies" a bit later.


Missus Wookie said...

I like the predictament, 'Bunny put the bunny down!' ;)

Jamie Jo said...

Then again you could name the bunny Fido or something. We have a dog named Kitty. What a strange bunch we MV folks are, eh?