Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Visiting Rodeito Feeding Center

Since our arrival in Lempira in 2005, we've felt compelled to help with the problem of malnutrition in the mountain villages. With food prices climbing, the need for feeding centers has grown significantly. We are now providing food to 74 feeding centers, scattered throughout several departments. Keeping the participants in the program accountable - to make sure that the food gets into the bellies where it is most needed - is a big task, and part of this involves us visiting the centers to see them in operation.

Back in October, when Allen's parents were visiting for Russell's wedding, they traveled with Allen to visit the feeding center in Rodeito, Lempira. Here are some pictures from that visit.

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Beth said...

Beautiful children! Thanks for the reminder of those
who are less fortunate than we. God bless the people of Rodeito!