Monday, February 14, 2011

Is it me? Am I doing something wrong?

I don't blog for the purpose of getting lots of comments, as my regular readers can probably tell, since I'm so bad about answering comments. But, even though getting lots of comments isn't my goal, I still like getting them . . . and so would Allen. Recently, however, when I've written about what Allen has been doing, we haven't been getting any comments!

For example, recently I blogged about:

my homesteader-style ways - 5 comments
harvesting beets from my garden - 5 comments
recent miscellaneous good news we've gotten - 5 comments
pictures of our new puppy - 3 comments
a general update about the garden - 4 comments

but . . .

a school construction project - 0 comments
2 church construction projects - 0 comments for either one
a bridge construction project - 0 comments

I wonder if it's because, when I'm writing about the construction projects, I'm not writing as personally as when I write about the garden and life at home. At any rate, I think Allen's gonna get a complex if somebody doesn't say something, soon, about his projects. (LOL - like anything could give Allen a complex!) Anyone care to send Allen a kind and encouraging word? Thanks!


Melissa said...

I know as woman I read all the blogs but have a more personal response to what your writing about and would have a comment or 2. My husband read only those that would be ones on Allen's work, but would never leave a comment. He would rather send an email to respond, which he did recently about how all the work you guys are doing is encouraging to us!

Jennifer said...

Yes, I think it is because those posts are less "you," than the others. I don't think people considered that Allen reads the comments, so they didn't think to encourage him in this venue.

That is true for me, at least.

The Reader said...

Ditto what Melissa and Jennifer said.

Also, the bridge construction, etc. is interesting but I don't follow the technical details (even as simply as you write them), so I don't feel I have anything intelligent to say in response, other than "good job!"

I *AM* however impressed with the work being done, and will try and remember to say so more often!

beckyc said...

Allen? Who's Allen?

Jamie Jo said...

All I know is that the prayer letters that get the most response are the ones with personal and family news. When we write about ministry needs, um, not much. Interesting that it happens on blogs, too. I finally started a second blog so people who may frankly not care about the ministry side of things won't have to read it. Same thing the other way around.

Alan H said...

Dittos on the other comments. Based on our experience, 98% of blog-readers are women, and writing about the guy-projects doesn't raise the excitement level. So, Kudos to Allen on some great-looking beams! Those of us who now just live vicariously through y'all think you're doing a great job. If he wants any engineering input specifically on bridge stuff or the solar-electric system have him drop me a line!

Trish said...

Hey Melissa, Jennifer, Reader, Becky, Jamie and Alan - thanks so much for responding to my pathetic plea! I appreciate all the input, and the kind comments!

Patty said...

Hooray for Allen!!!! He is doing an outstanding job under difficult conditions.

Live Simply Love Strongly said...

Yes, when you post, I sometimes have something to add or respond or can identify. My comment to Allen's stuff might say something like, "Nice bridge. It's looks"

Laurie Matherne said...

You are not doing anything wrong. In general, I have found that posts that are superficial or lighthearted receive more comments than those about spiritual or ministry related topics. Your readers are not to blame. The Kindgom we are fighting for is the opposite of this world's system, and therefore, it won't attract as much attention. Be encouraged, Allen. Your heavenly Father sees your heart and your works.

Rachel said...

I read most posts ... but sometimes I get overwhelmed in details and just don't read - especially being a busy homeschooling mom with over 200 blogs on my google reader.

I wanted you to know I enjoy your blog and reading about your life - Hugs and prayers.