Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Rain Update and a Bridge Update

It's coming! It's coming! The rain, that is. We've not yet had any real rain, only a couple of teensy drizzles - the kind you wouldn't even mention normally, but in our dry situation we're excited about anything that could be taken as a sign that the weather is changing for the rainier! Yesterday we had enough drops that we could see polka dots in the dust - about one raindrop per square centimeter. Not exactly a thorough wetting, but hopefully it's just the beginning.

This morning is cool, hazy, and breezy, with the feel of impending rain in the air.

The family has done an amazing job (if I do say so myself) of restricting our water usage. We still have about 4 feet of water in our big tank, and we've been using water at a rate of about 2 inches per day. With that rate of usage, and the weather looking and feeling so much like rain, we think we'll probably start getting rain from the river again before our tank runs out. Several areas around us, including the city of Gracias, have received nice rains already. Of course, we're still praying, and still conserving, until we actually see water running into our tank!

Meanwhile, Allen and Russell have been working steadily on the bridge in El Mongual. Here are some pictures from about 2 weeks ago, of the crew preparing to pour the deck of the bridge. The deck, for those of you (like me) without a lot of knowledge of construction terms, is the part of the bridge you actually drive on.

In the past two weeks, the concrete deck has been poured, as well as the safety walls on each side of the bridge, to keep people and cars from going over the sides and falling into the river. I'd better make sure and send the camera out for some more recent pictures. This morning Allen told me that they only have about 6 more days of work on the bridge! Of course, once this project is done, there's another bridge project waiting to start!


The Reader said...

WOW!! The bridge is really coming along!

Hoping and praying with you for rain soon. Great job on conserving water!

Beth said...

What a beautiful bridge!! Nice work Sowers and friends!! We're asking God to send good clean rain to fill your tank and end the dry spell. : D

Laurie Matherne said...

It rained here in the capital near nightfall. Wonderful rain. Not much, but enough. Thought of you.

Jennifer said...

It is so different "watching" your bridge construction compared to the heavy machinery and large crews we would see around here.