Thursday, September 1, 2011

The bridge project in Paca-someplace

In spite of the fact that most of you will never try to check my spelling of Honduran place names, and in spite of the names themselves often being ridiculously difficult to spell (the capital of the country is Tegucigalpa, for goodness sakes!), I have hesitated to write this post about the current bridge project, since I'm pretty sure I'm going to spell the name of the location incorrectly. But, honestly, I'm doing my best here. Pacallales. Or Pacayales. Or something. Pronounced pock-aye-EL-es. Or something like that.

Allen and Russell have spent several weeks working in the place mentioned above. They stay there for four or five days each time, because of the distance and rough terrain between that place and Gracias.

Here are some photos from the beginning of the work, involving moving supplies to the construction site. Some of the supplies were purchased, but the sand and rocks were collected from the riverbed, and carried up the hill to the bridge site.

Going down to the river for rocks and sand

Climbing up from the river, toting rocks

An accumulation of laboriously collected rocks!


Jennifer said...

So much work - you must be proud of your guys!

Laurie Matherne said...

Awesome! Incredible! I love what you are doing.

Beth said...

This brings back memories of toting rocks with a bunch of teenagers in Honduras, summer of 2006, I think? We brought rocks up a hill from a riverbed for two days. Each day we expected a truck to come to haul the rocks away for one of Allen's building projects. The truck never came. Sometimes I wonder if those rocks are still there. : o ) Keeping you all in our prayers!