Sunday, October 16, 2011


I receive lots of comments on the blog that you never get to read. Most of those include helpful links to online gambling sites, prescriptions-by-mail businesses, and then some really seedy stuff that I won't detail here.

The responses containing links generally include flattery about what a good job I'm doing on writing the blog. These reviews would be more appreciated if the links weren't attached! Here's a sample of a lovely thought I received, but didn't post in the comment section, because of the link:

"I really like the path you are posting! you enjoy an interesting essence of estimate!"

Now tell me, who wouldn't enjoy receiving uplifting encouragement like that? I may go around all day whispering to myself "You enjoy an interesting essence of estimate." I'm not certain just what it means, but it sure sounds purty.


Jennifer said...

I get those, too! Do you get the ones in foreign alphabets? It seems like they are often on old posts, too, not the most recent ones. I used the word Christmas in a post title once, two holidays ago, and it still attracts spam.

Kris Thede said...

Sorry about being sick and the waterlogged garden.

May good health and sunny days fill this week.

And nice comments! Fauche.