Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What December is Like . . .

Oh, yes, I'm keeping busy.

The year-end newsletter is mostly written. I originally started the letter with a certain theme, but Allen chimed in with some thoughts which, while they were good ideas to write about, really didn't fit well with the letter I'd started. I tried to merge the two parts and ended up with a messy conglomeration of writing that just wasn't working. I woke up early this morning (sometime around 3am) and started in on it again, finally admitting to myself that what was needed was to scrap what I'd already written and begin afresh.

Once I'd made that decision, the letter practically wrote itself, over the following three hours. I had enough completed for Allen to read through before he left for work at the bridge site at 7am. Hopefully I can achieve "final draft" status by tonight, send the letter out tomorrow morning, and check that task off my list.

Regarding the container, we've started in on the opening of boxes and sorting of stuff which is preliminary to the creation of pastor gifts. This is fun work in small quantities, or when a group of friends all come over to help, but it can be a bit daunting as we start in on a whole new huge pile of boxes and bags. We're wading in with vigor, nonetheless.

We also have to fit the celebration of Christmas and two birthdays in during the next two weeks. It's a busy time for us.

So, what's with the flowers, you're asking? Well, it's hard to find interesting pictures about writing newsletters or unpacking boxes. It happens that the beginning of dry season (now) is when all the wild flowers and miscellaneous bushes and shrubs start to bloom, so I thought I'd just randomly add some of those pictures to this post. The wildflowers are definitely a part of what December here is like. Enjoy!


Beth said...

God sure does nice work! Beautiful flowers! Have a joyous Christmas along with all that packing and unpacking, puppies and piggies, and birthdays and things! I bet you don't get bored very often!!

Patty said...

God surely gives us a lot to look at, as your beautiful pictures show. Your work is beautiful to watch. I admire you. And to echo Beth, I can see you are to busy to get bored. God Bless!!!

Missus Wookie said...

I've enjoyed the variety just lately - bridge building, new animals, house and garden and now wildflowers plus unpacking. Hope the pastors gifts are bountiful.