Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Pig Fortress

We've had all four pigs on the back porch of the team house, and this was a very unsatisfactory situation! This week, the guys were finally able to bring home enough wall panels to put up a better pig shelter. This is still temporary, but better than the porch, plus being dog proof. We aren't ready to trust that the dogs won't mess with the pigs, until the pigs get a bit bigger.

These wall panels are part of our construction equipment. You see them occasionally in the bridge photos, when we use them as forms for pouring concrete - which is their intended use. They're reusable and very strong, and can be assembled in any number of configurations. We've used them for puppy pens, and right now we have a temporary wall built of panels in our bodega/house, which sort of keeps the mess of the shipment out of the living area of the kitchen.

The pig shelter is extremely tall, and impregnable from all sides, which is why we've taken to calling it the pig fortress:

Because it doesn't have any side entrances, the kids - mostly Boo - climb up onto the roof, which covers part of the top, and lower down food and water. If needed, Boo will climb all the way in, as she's young and spry enough to do this.

The pigs have more room, and the kids aren't having to clean up after them as often, so this is all good . . . for now. Eventually I hope we'll have a more traditional pig pen set up, instead of the pig fortress we have now.


Anonymous said...

First of all --


Between the branding and the pig fortress, you guys have me LOLing tonight. AG - as seen through the Sowers' eyes. LOVE. IT.



Beth said...

I really like the pig fortress but was wondering where the litter box is? : )
Also do the piggies have names or are they table bound and therefore remain anonymous? Just wondering...

Denise said...

Your pig fortress is hilarious! Looks like the big bad wolf will have to do A LOT of huffing and puffing to blow this house down! Hopefully he can't scale 6 foot walls. . . . .