Friday, February 17, 2012

Another bridge construction update

This is another set of pictures taken on a day when a group of volunteers, from one of the nearby villages, was helping pour concrete to make the walls which will hold up the ends of the bridge.

If you look through the pictures, you can find:

-men carrying large stones, and throwing them into the wall panels

-men mixing concrete in large flat metal pans

-men carrying buckets of concrete, and dumping them into the wall panels

-men standing at the edge of the pit where the walls are being constructed, supervising

-wall panels (into which the concrete is poured and stones are thrown) about up to ground level

-men standing around, doing nothing at all (I have no idea what was holding up the work in those later pictures)

Maybe I have these pictures in backwards order, and the men were just gathering waiting for the work to begin. Could be . . . I wasn't actually there . . .

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Beth said...

This is a mammoth project! All I can say is Wow!