Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another Hondu-versary!

11 years ago, on the last day of February (it was the 28th that year), the Sowers family arrived in Honduras, for what we expected to be a two to three year stay. We spent that first night in the city of La Ceiba, and caught a flight the next morning to our destination - the island of Guanaja. The kids were 13, 11, 9, 6, and 4. Gus turned 7 on our first day on Guanaja.

Obviously, things didn't go exactly as we'd planned: all these years later we're still in Honduras, though no longer on Guanaja. Yesterday I helped Gus sign up for Selective Service, as he's turning 18 tomorrow.

Now four of my children are officially adults, and Allen and I are figuring out what it will look like to grow old and retire in Honduras. We're not done working or raising a family - not by a long shot - but as we set up our lives on our property in the mountains outside the city of Gracias, we're trying to think about longevity, and how to arrange things so that we can continue to live and work here as we become less . . . well, less young. LOL


Jennifer said...

"Less young" is what we are all feeling these days, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Josiah did the selective service thing this weekend, too. It was kind of weird to see my 'baby' signing up for that, you know? Well, actually, I bet you do know.

ELEVEN YEARS?! That's incredible. It is so awesome to watch the story God is writing in your lives in Honduras, even if it isn't the story you thought would be written.


Kris Thede said...

So how did you celebrate your Hondu-versary? 11 years to look back on the good and the bad as I'm sure you reviewed some memories. Keep up the good race. Fauche.

Beth said...

congrats and happy birthday to Gus! My youngest Charlie is now 18 too. Austin is 23 and Jonathan just turned 21. The time does fly!
Happy Honduversary!!