Tuesday, February 7, 2012

First lessons in milking

Have you ever milked . . . a dog? Well, now Boo can say she has.

Bunny, one of our lab-mixes, presented us with four puppies over the weekend, one of which died during the first night. She had lots of milk for her three remaining pups. Whether due to the excess of milk, or whether it was a different problem, we don't know - but two of Bunny's teats became badly swollen, and then hot and tender.

I was concerned for her, so I asked a gringa friend, who has worked in the past in veterinary care, to take a look at Bunny. Our friend suggested we needed to get the bad milk out . . . that the puppies wouldn't nurse on those teats until we had fresh milk flowing from them. She also explained that the problem could spread to the other teats, and a serious infection could arise.

Sooo, Boo took on the job. She hand milked the dog several times over the weekend. Thankfully, this is a very easy-going dog! Today, for the first time, those two teats look like all the rest, and the pups are nursing on them!

Hurrah! Boo should be all set when the time comes to start milking the cows!


Beth said...

Now Boo if you're ever wondering why God brought you to the western Lempira mountains you can thankfully say to learn to milk a dog! Who knew this would be one of your many talents!! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet she was missing Kirsten when it came to performing veterinary acts of service! Good job.

Jane McSweeney

Patty said...

Trish, you and your family are amazing! God Bless.