Wednesday, February 1, 2012

There they go . . .

The Christmas gifts for pastors and their families are going out the door!

When we first started distributing pastor gifts in Lempira, we took the time to deliver each gift individually to the homes of the pastors. This gave Allen a good chance to meet the pastors of the area and to get a sense of the towns and villages where they were working. It also took weeks and weeks to accomplish!

Now that a few years have passed (this is our seventh year doing a Christmas gift project in Lempira) we already know most of the pastors - especially as many attend (or have graduated from) our pastor training school. With Allen and Russell so very busy with bridge construction these days, we asked the pastoral supervisors for the various denominations to pick up and deliver the gifts to those working under them.

Today I'm posting some pictures of a supervisor (and some of his family) picking up the boxes for his denomination's pastors.

The supervisors give us a list of their pastors, along with the necessary information about each family. We make up the gifts, and let the supervisors know when the gifts are ready. When the supervisor comes to pick up the gifts, we check each gift off on their list, so there aren't any questions later about whether they received all of the requested gifts.

Katie and Boo check each gift off the list as that box is loaded in the truck.
Commando keeps cool in the shade of one of the trucks, fairly clearly giving the signal that he's on security detail.

This larger denomination required two pickup trucks to carry all the gifts!

Our thanks go out again, to everyone who helped with the Gifts for Gracias Christmas project this year!


Anonymous said...

Wow! You guys have really streamlined this whole Gifts4Gracias project since we were there. I'm really impressed!


Cindy in California said...

I love that you do this! I know it's a lot of work but I'm sure itr's very, very appreciated by the recipients. God bless you!

Beth said...

I am amazed at how "grown-up" Commando is! I remember him as a cuddly puppy and look at him now!
Has Katie come to stay? She seems like she fits in well and works hard. I pray for her too when I run down the list of Sowers!

Denise said...

to Beth: I'm not quite ready to give her up yet! Maybe in a year or two. . . Katie's Mom :-)