Thursday, May 24, 2012

Probably my last post about termites (at least I hope so)

I discovered that Boo was able to get a few pictures of the termites swarming outside of our house, and I knew you'd want to see those!

And now I believe you have probably heard and seen all you want to about our annual termite swarming!


Anne Dye said...

So freaky to see this! I can't get the idea of the crunchies in the potato patties out of my head now. ewwww! Hopefully the little pests will leave you alone for a while now.

Kris Thede said...

Have to ask. As you may remember I'm researching eating bugs for a book in Haitian Creole. So did you guys try any?? I have a few different bugs/grubs in my freezer waiting [been in there for weeks] for me to decide how to / when to fry them up. So did you try them for a snack? FAUCHE

Trish said...

I thought of you when I found those photos, Anne. I knew you'd "like" them. LOL