Monday, May 21, 2012

An update on the water situation

Our water tank (9'9" high, with about a 10' diameter) is full! It rained, hard, almost all night last night, and the water pressure coming into the tank was nice and strong. Unfortunately, when there's this much rain, the rivers carry lots of dirt, and that dirty water is what we're receiving in our tank right now. And in our kitchen sink. And in our washing machine. And in our toilet - but no one cares too much about that. LOL.

So, in spite of having a full water tank, we're using up our emergency supply of drinking water which we have stored in our house. We generally keep about a dozen 3 liter bottles of clean water in the laundry room, and another dozen or so in the freezer (more or less depending on how much of the freezer is full of food).

We're also catching rain water and boiling that for drinking water. We can't use our regular ceramic filters right now (the ones we ordinarily use for cleaning our river water into drinking water), because they simply clog up immediately when there's this much dirt to be filtered out. We're also bucketing rainwater into the washing machine, because the filters on the intake hoses are clogged, and when cleaned they immediately clog up again. Yes, there's that much dirt in the water.

Rachel took the photo of the water in the glass, and she said I should tell you that the water in-real-life looks much worse than that picture portrays. That water was also drawn at about noon, after the water had settled for about 12 hours or so.


Mama Eagle said...

I can certainly empathize with you. Dirty water after low water is not fun.

As a kid, my grandparents had an old pump up well, sometimes the water was truly nasty.

And I remember the water rationing the summer I spent in Ecuador.

I'll be praying for your water to clear up soon.

Thanks for blogging - I enjoy reading your adventures - it helps me to remember to pray for you often.

Trish said...

Thanks Mama Eagle - the water is much clearer today, and my son Gus was able to clean up the filters enough that we no longer have to use buckets to fill the washing machine, so life is good! Thanks so much for praying!