Monday, August 6, 2012

A Tongue Twister

Buffalo, a few weeks ago when she was pregnant

You've read about our fluffy lapdog, Buffalo, but you're probably pronouncing her name wrong. Sometimes we say the English version, but more often we use the Spanish version, which is the same except that the first syllable sounds like "Boo" instead of like "Buff." Try it out: Boo-falo. Good.

Now, we often shorten Boo-falo to just Boofy (rhymes with goofy). That's probably what she is called most often, though she answers to Buffy, Buffalo (English), Bufalo (Spanish) and Boofy.

She's a silly little piece of fluff, so she's sometimes described as being goofy, doofy, and poofy.

And occasionally, when someone is showing off a bit, they'll call her:

Boo's doofy, poofy, goofy, Boofy.

Try that one, if you dare! LOL

(By the way, I'm trying to finish up a huge pile of thank you notes, so that Kirstin can carry them back with her and mail them from the US for us. This is not my favorite task, but it's nose-to-the-grindstone time for me!)

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Denise said...

How are the puppies? Wating for some pictures. . . . .

What in the world are you going to DO with all those dogs?