Friday, August 17, 2012

Some cats have it all . . .

. . . beauty, brains, talent . . .

We have a new kitten who doesn't quite have it all. Meet Minguita:

Rachel fell in love with this teensy scrap of kitten flesh when they met at Brandy's grandmother's house, and she ended up bringing her home to us.

We are actually in the process of getting rid of some of our cats, but we also want to bring in some new, unrelated cats, to avoid inbreeding. We need cats for rodent control, and don't currently have a large enough gene pool to let the status quo continue.

I went into town to pick up Rachel and Minguita. The kitty was in a cardboard box for transport. I asked Rachel about the kitten, and she replied that the kitty wasn't very pretty, wasn't very big, and was all ears and scrawny-ness, but that she had a great personality. I wasn't sure what to expect!

Rachel opened the box, and I was anticipating the normal feline response - fear, perhaps some clawing, as the animal encountered a new and frightening set of circumstances.

But that's because I didn't know Minguita. She stepped calmly from the box, climbed onto my lap, walked up my front, and stared closely into my face. Apparently I passed muster, for she then declared us friends and curled up, purring, on my shoulder.

Making up for not having much in the looks department, Minguita is all spunky personality!

Oh, and just for fun, here's a photo of one of the cats we've re-homed. Allen took Dandylion, when she was pregnant, to a family that lives near to where we've been building that big bridge, so we've had a chance to continue to visit with her, and with her kittens. I think they look like they've settled in pretty well, don't you?

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