Sunday, March 10, 2013

Easing my way back into blogging . . . here's a picture

(As always, click on the photo to see a sharper image.)


Kirstin said...

Beautiful! Where is it? Somewhere I would recognize?

Trish said...

LOL Kirstin - I haven't a clue! It was on the camera when I recently downloaded photos, and there were so many photos since the last time I downloaded that I think this was taken back in November!

Have I mentioned that I'm just a bit behind on . . . everything? LOL

I'll ask Rachel and Boo if either of them remember taking that photo, and if they know where they were at the time. If they know, I'll let you know!

Trish said...

Okay, I checked with Boo, and she took the picture - which I suspected, because she's the one that likes to put something in the foreground of scenery shots like this.

She says that this photo was taken near Erandique.