Friday, April 12, 2013

Pastor Gifts are Heading OUT!

This has been a big week for the creation and distribution of pastor gifts. Iris came over and helped me on four different days, and we put together a total of 68 personalized pastor boxes on those days! We generally expect to make enough boxes for between 200 and 250 pastors and their families each year, so this is a nice encouraging chunk of the total number. I've been discouraged about ever getting this project done this year, but this has energized me.

The donations we received this year included many copies of several Christian books (in Spanish). These we give in quantity to each pastor, to share with his congregation and neighbors. The total gift given to each pastor, including these books, involves several boxes.

Wednesday we scheduled as a distribution day, and we sorted and loaded over 80 gifts (plus the books to go with them) and sent them off to their destinations!

I'm so glad to see this progress, and I'm really looking forward to having my house back!!!!


Melinda S. said...

Glad to see you back. :) Pics make me homesick.

Cindy in GA said...

80+ gifts out the door must feel great!! How many left to go? I wish that I could come help! :)

Susan said...

This is so good to see. Would love to see pics of those receiving the gifts!

Shawn said...

That looks like a lot of work! I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated!

Trish said...

Cindy - I think we have received about 50 names for which we haven't yet made up boxes. Plus, I know of another denomination that hasn't yet submitted their list of about 30 families.

So, the end is sort-of in sight, LOL. And it would be GREAT to have you come and help!

Trish said...

Susan - we don't have many of these now, because the project has gotten so big that we gave the distribution job to the pastoral supervisors of the various denominations. There are a few independent pastors that come for their own gifts, though, so maybe I'll be able to get a few pics of recipients!

Susanne said...

What a lot of hard work you put into all this! Makes me feel like I should be doing more than just a click of the Amazon button! :) Another incentive to get cracking on my Español!

Trish said...

Thanks Melinda!

Susan - watch for an upcoming post with a picture!

Shawn - It IS a lot of work, LOL. However, there are very few parts of the actual ministry work that I am able to do, so I'm glad to be able to help with this!

Susanne - you're inspirational, the way you click that button every year! I'm certainly grateful, LOL! And, good luck on the Español . . . I feel your pain!