Saturday, August 17, 2013

Ben's Kidnapping - an Intermission

Hi everyone!

We appreciate all of the prayers, comments, and love we've received from all over the world, as we rejoice and recuperate following Ben's ordeal. I'm writing this Saturday morning, and today was the first day since the kidnapping that I feel fairly normal again. I even loaded the washing machine today, after not having loaded it once in about a week - probably a new record for this mom-of-six!

Anyway, the rate of writing output will slow now, as I am needed to return to handling the demands of regular life - family and ministry - which is already a rather all-encompassing job! I'd love to have the opportunity to share the rest of the story with anyone who might be interested, but it's likely to soon become less "viral" on Facebook, so you might not see the posts as readily.

I'm going to suggest, if you want to be sure to catch the rest of these details, that you either send me your name and email address in the comments (I'll make sure your info isn't posted online - I moderate all of the comments), so that I can add you to our mailing list, or that you add yourself to the list of followers of this blog, if you use a blog reader to inform you of new posts. No biggie if you don't want to do these . . . you're welcome to just keep checking the blog, or checking my Facebook page (Trish Sowers) for notifications of new posts.

I am hoping to be able to post the next part of the story this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Of course, the unexpected can change our plans . . . no one knows that better than me right now, LOL! 

Thanks again, so very very much, for the part you played in praying for our very precious boy.

Praising God all over the place,
Trish Sowers and family


Anonymous said...

Trish, Really appreciate your time in writing about this tremendous miracle. Being a missionary in Honduras for 14 years I like to see what the Lord is doing in other missionaries' life. I saw where another missionary was asking to pray for Ben. Immediate I posted to all Prayer Warriors to pray, because I know God answers prayer. Thank you for your time in sharing the events with us. Blessings. Soyla Radcliff with His Harvest Ministries from Texas.

Allison said...

We don't know one another, but I heard about your ordeal through a mutual friend and was praying during Ben's ordeal (a prayer request came out on our intercessor's e-mail list at New Grace Church in Fleming Island, FL). What a privilege to be able to pray for you and your family, and I am praising God with all of you now, Trish! Oh, so happy to hear the wonderful news of Ben's safe release! I too have an 11-year old son and cannot even imagine what you both went through emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I would love to hear the rest of your story when you are able to finish writing it.

I wanted to tell you how touched I was by the butterfly portion of Ben's story. I had a surreal experience a few years ago on a dock near my house, when praying to be filled with the Holy Spirit. The Spirit appeared to me in the form of dozens of yellow butterflies flying towards me from across the lake. It was a very real and defining moment in my spiritual life. I feel the butterflies Ben saw were the Holy Spirit manifesting Himself to your son, and bringing a moment of pure joy and beauty into the ugliness of the situation. God heard our prayers and sent the butterflies to be with Ben, just as Jesus was sent down to be "God with us" (the translation of His name, Messiah).

Thank you for sharing this powerful, faith-building story. Praise His holy name--Jesus Messiah! He is with us!

With Much Love, Allison Hastie (

Deborah said...

What an amazing story. Thank God you are both OK. I can appreciate what you have been through as I have been working in Copán since 2005. I hope you and your family can get back to a sense of normalcy very soon.


Deborah Matherne
El Camino a la Superacion

Danielle Schmidt said...
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