Thursday, November 14, 2013

Rachel is home!

Rachel is home! And she's BAKING FOR US!

In Honduras, the military oversees the elections. Since we have a presidential election coming up, Brandy has had some traveling to do for work. He's actually here in the department of Lempira, doing lots of traveling to remote locations where polling places are being set up. Rachel didn't want to stay home alone while he was here, so she came to Gracias by bus, and is staying with us during the times that Brandy is working. She'll also get to spend some time with him, as he has some days off during his time here.

This morning she's baking pumpkin bread, and if the sun shines long enough for us to gather enough power to run the oven, she's going to make some pies, including chicken pot pie!

We're glad to have Rachel home for a few days, as you might imagine!!!!!

Update: 6 loaves of pumpkin bread, 2 batches of molasses cookies, 2 family size chicken pot pies, and several as-yet-to-be-determined fruit pies! It's a happy day in the Sowers kitchen!!!!!


Kelly said...

How fun. What a huge blessing!

Josiah said...

Wish I could smell the good smells now!!! :) I'm glad y'all can see her!

Pam Llewellyn said...

Stock up the freezer while she's there -- and then send her my way when she's finished there!!

Anonymous said...

Yum yum! Glad that Rachel had a chance to come home and...relax a bit? I know she does love baking so its good for everyone.
It was a gift seeing Allen the last time he was in town!
Beth Webb in Orange Park Florida