Tuesday, December 10, 2013

More Piglet Pictures . . . because CUTENESS!

The piglet above was smushed into the mud by the other pigs soon after birth. Boo dug him out, we warmed him up, and now he's doing great. He still has some mud on his face. He loves to nurse, and does it expertly!

This piglet has lovely reddish stripes down her back. She is a lousy nurser, and insists on having the bottle enter her mouth from the side. This decreases the suction, so we increased the size of the hole in the nipple. We weren't getting her to eat much before, but now she's happy. Those closed eyes in the photo indicate a nearly sated piglet!

Ahhh, here's some enthusiasm from the pretty piglet we thought we'd lose, due to her previous disinterest in nursing. She's doing so much better now!

A note: All gender references in this post should be disregarded. We don't know whether these piglets are male or female. LOL


Anonymous said...

They are bigger than I thought a newborn piglet would be. About the size of a 12 week hound puppy from the looks of them. They MUST eat a lot -- sure hope the other mama is accepting!
Allen is missing all the fun, isn't he?

Laurie Matherne said...

Piglets? Really? Not that your life is busy with dogs, cows, children, etc. Don't forget to not let the family bond with them too much. My sister had 2 pigs, Pork Chop and Bacon. The names were chosen so her little one wouldn't get too upset when they disappeared.