Saturday, May 2, 2015

Have dental tools, Will travel

In the rural villages of Honduras, many people have little or no knowledge of how to maintain their teeth. Even with this knowledge, so often families do not have the financial means to purchase tooth brushes and tooth paste. Elementary school children with mouths full of broken, rotten teeth are extremely common here.

Free dental clinics, held in rural villages, can be a huge blessing. Cavities are filled before the tooth is destroyed. Teeth that are rotten beyond saving, and are causing pain and the risk of serious infection, can be extracted. Professional cleanings can be done. Tooth brushes and tooth paste are distributed, and information on maintaining better oral health is disseminated.

This week, we hosted a team of dentists, along with dental students from Pitt University in Pennsylvania. Dr. Annette Merlino leads a dental team like this every year. Here are a few photos from the past week:



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