Thursday, August 27, 2015

Our Coffee Farm: A Picture-post

Here are some photos, taken just last week, showing the plants which are already in the ground, and the new plants in the nursery, waiting to be planted. Right at this moment, we are in the process of digging the thousands of holes we will need, to plant additional acres of coffee this year. 

Baby plants in the nursery, ready to be transplanted to our fields. 

A closer look - happy, healthy babies!

Strong and healthy one-year-old plant, from last year's planting.

A hillside on our farm. The low rows are coffee plants,
the taller bananas and plantains provide some shade and a secondary crop.

There is no expectation of a harvest when coffee plants are under three years old - so these beans, already growing on our one-year-old plants, are a very good sign! 

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Missus Wookie said...

Fascinating to see the baby bushes and I'm glad you have more than one crop in the field. Hope they continue to grow well.