Tuesday, September 8, 2015

On the Seventh Day of Gifts for Gracias . . .

For 12 days, I will be writing about the different ways people have participated in the Gifts for Gracias Project over the years. Today is the seventh day. If you are unfamiliar with Gifts for Gracias, or would like to see an overview of how it works, click here for more info.

The Seventh Day of Gifts for Gracias: Make something to donate

Many people get great pleasure from giving a gift they created themselves. I think that's fabulous - I've even dabbled in it a bit myself, as we've knitted warm hats to include in the gifts in previous years. We have some truly amazing friends and supporters, and it excites me to see and hear about their projects, and to be a part of using those items to bless families here in western Honduras!

I will give a few examples - though I feel bad, knowing that I will not be able to mention everyone who contributed in this way. We've received pillow case dresses, hand-knitted shawls, home-made sewing kits and toys, among other things!

My good friend Jules sent two handmade quilts last year. That story is here.

This year, a group of adults and kids from First Alliance Church, in Silver Spring, Maryland, is donating a box of hats they knitted - but listen to what they told me, about the materials they are using to make the hats:

We got the yarn from an organization that gives sheep to poor women in South America and Africa, then they take the wool, dye it and provide it to this organization.

Isn't that the neatest thing? I love how we're getting to be a part of something that is benefiting other people, in another part of the world like this!

Now, don't feel bad if you aren't feeling called to make hand-made items - we need all of the types of donations I've mentioned in the previous posts, to make this project a success. I just wanted to share this as one more way that people have been involved with Gifts for Gracias! 

Shipping/Delivery Information

If you wish to mail gifts, there are two mailing addresses available:

Gifts for Gracias
c/o Norma Irvin
7921 Broadmoor Pines Blvd.
Sarasota, FL 34243


Gifts for Gracias
c/o Jim Cofer
7047 Blue Mountain Road
Thurmont, MD 21788

If you live in Maryland or Florida, contact us if you would prefer to deliver your gift in person. At this time, there are only two locations set up to receive donations, but there may be a few other private options which can be arranged.
trish @ sowers4pastors.com

DEADLINES: All gifts coming to us in Florida MUST be received before September 24th! If you are mailing a package after that date please use the Maryland address! Currently, the Maryland deadline is the end of October!

Tomorrow I will share MORE ways you can be involved with the Gifts for Gracias Project!!!!


Wendrie Heywood said...

I really like that you are going to receive hats knitted by friends, from wool gathered from donated sheep which were raised in another country to help people there. The connections and amount of love and faith here is amazing.

Trish said...

That one really struck me, too, Wendrie! I had nothing to do with setting it up, but I was SO delighted to hear about it.

The church doing the knitting is one we attended, back when we lived in that area. Great church! :)

The Reader said...

this is so cool! I just love all the connections made through your ministry.