Sunday, September 13, 2015

On the Twelfth Day of Gifts for Gracias . . .

I have been writing, for twelve days, about the different ways people have participated in the Gifts for Gracias Project over the years. Today is the twelfth - and final - day! If you are unfamiliar with Gifts for Gracias, or would like to see an overview of how it works, click here for more info.

The Twelfth Day of Gifts for Gracias: Gifts are distributed to the pastors!

As the Gifts for Gracias project has grown, over the years, it has become difficult for us to deliver the gifts individually, to all of the recipients in their homes. We could do it, of course, but only by neglecting other important aspects of the ministry, as it would take an immense amount of time.

Our ministry is all about getting resources into the hands of local pastors and evangelists, and letting them do whatever they can do for themselves from there. In the case of the Gifts for Gracias project, the pastors, denominational supervisors, and local pastor associations have helped us as the project has grown, by taking on this final part of the process. As always, this multiplies the number of families we are able to help! 

Since we generally receive lists containing the info for groups of pastors, we make up all of the gifts, group by group. When all of the gifts for one group of pastors are completed, we contact the individual who submitted that list. They tell us whether they would rather pick up the gifts at our house, out in the country, or at Russell's house, in town. 

This means, however, that instead of taking pictures of the pastors and their families at their homes, receiving their gifts, we take pictures when the truckloads of gifts leave our home, and we receive photos from the supervisors who pass along the gifts. Please know, as you look at these photos, that these group pictures, and photos of truckloads of boxes, represent the opportunity for us to deliver gifts to more delighted children and grateful parents, than we could otherwise do. 

Pastors of smaller churches in the ADEMIC denomination,
receiving their gifts at the large ADEMIC church in the city of Gracias

Because I know everyone loves to see them, however, here is a link to a post with photos of families receiving gifts in previous years. 

I believe that now, with the completion of these twelve (!) posts on the topic of Gifts for Gracias, I have answered all the questions anyone could possibly have about this project. If I'm wrong, then please leave your question in the comments, and I will make sure you get an answer.
A huge "Thank You" to everyone who participates, in any of the ways I've mentioned in these posts,and any I may have left out. As a reminder, I am posting the shipping and deadline information below.

Shipping/Delivery Information

If you wish to mail gifts, there are two mailing addresses available:

Gifts for Gracias
c/o Norma Irvin
7921 Broadmoor Pines Blvd.
Sarasota, FL 34243


Gifts for Gracias
c/o Jim Cofer
7047 Blue Mountain Road
Thurmont, MD 21788

If you live in Maryland or Florida, contact us if you would prefer to deliver your gift in person. At this time, there are only two locations set up to receive donations, but there may be a few other private options which can be arranged.
trish @

DEADLINES: All gifts coming to us in Florida MUST be received before September 24th! Currently, the Maryland deadline is the end of October.

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