Thursday, January 7, 2016

Truck Number One - it's here and we're using it!

I have great news - we have purchased the first of the new-to-us trucks which we've needed! We thank God for the faithful supporters He has given us, and we thank YOU for helping us continue to do the work we are called to do here in Honduras!

As you know, we still badly need one more vehicle, and I will be continuing to bring that need before you all, but right now, it's time to CELEBRATE!

Of course, you need to see some pictures of the truck! Now, if I were taking the photos, I would position the truck so that there was a magnificent view of the mountains in the distance, with the truck in the foreground . . . but, I actually asked my son, Ben (who just turned 14, by the way) to take the truck photos for me. Apparently, teenage boys aren't overly interested in the scenery, when the real topic is a TRUCK! LOL

So, here is a boy's-eye-view of our new-to-us pickup!

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