Friday, March 25, 2016

An update on our recent situation

We had such an amazing response to the most recent blog post, about the need for funding for additional feeding centers. It was a bit overwhelming - but in a good way! While I didn't suggest creating sponsorships for particular pastors and their centers, a number of people gave money specifically in this way . . . which is great!

Here is the list of pastors, copied from the previous post. The ones printed in red have already been sponsored: 

 - Pastor Edgar Lopez, in El Cedro, feeding 22 children - $44 per year
 - Pastor Jose Chavez, in El Paraiso Copan, feeding 31 children - $62
 - Pastor Rene Arita, in El Paraiso Copan, feeding 131 children - $262
 - Pastor Gonzalo Contreras, in El Jardin, feeding 56 children - $112
 - Pastor Genero Contreras, in Monte Cristo, feeding 56 children - $112

 - Pastor Luis Leiva, in Pimienta, feeding 31 children - $62 per year
 - Pastor Mario Herrera, in El Naranjito, feeding 89 children - $178
 - Pastor Jesus Garcia, in El Manacal, feeding 51 children - $102 per year
 - Pastor Oscar Menocal, in Alto Colon, feeding 31 children - $62

 - Pastor Manuel Contreras, in El Limon, feeding 62 children - $124
 - Pastor Saul Palma, in La Laguna, feeding 37 children - $74 per year
 - Pastor Herminio Diaz, in Santa Cruz, feeding 36 children - $72 per year
 - Pastor Lorenzo Ramirez, in El Paraiso, feeding 24 children - $48
 - Pastor Adin Hernandez, in El Manguito, feeding 41 children - $82
 - Pastor Santos Gutierres, in El Rosario, feeding 47 children - $94

Additionally, several people sent funds to use for this purpose, without specifying a particular pastor. $230 was donated by people gave in this way, and let us know how much they were sending. Several people also told us that they were donating, but we don't yet know the amounts. 

Thank you all so very much for helping us with this need! With your donations, going through our hands (to acquire the food and distribute it to the pastors), these pastors have the resources they need to serve the needy in their communities, in the name of Christ. It's an exciting example of how the body of Christ can work together to meet needs! 

If anyone would like to be a part of this outpouring, the donation information can be found here. We've been hoping and praying that we would have the funds to expand this program for several years. We're excited to see God moving in the hearts of His people NOW! 


Emily said...

Lee and I also contributed yesterday. Let me know if it does not show up in correct category. I think we did it right.

Trish said...

Thanks so much, Emily and Lee!!!