Monday, September 5, 2016

Breaking News about Donations

Breaking News: Foundation for Missions has a new donation page! If you ever tried to navigate the old donation page, you undoubtedly know this is a good thing. The new site is pretty and sleek, but, if you currently give through automatic donations each month, or if you plan on making a one-time or ongoing donation in the future, there are some things you need to know.

If you go to the donation page at the Foundation For Missions website, you will see a Global Fund box. Now, stick with me here! If you scroll down, you will see two more boxes. The box on the left hand side says, “Donate to a MISSIONARY/AMBASSADOR”. The box on the right hand side says, “Donate to a PROGRAM OR PROJECT”. You can’t miss them. As it so happens, the aesthetically pleasing background photos for each of those two boxes show the Sowers’ stomping grounds in Western Honduras.

Now, as you probably know, the Sowers do NOT solicit money for their own living expenses. Any donations given to them are automatically funneled into their ministry. So, if you donate through the “Donate to a MISSIONARY/AMBASSADOR” side and fill in the blanks with the Sowers’ names, that money will 100% emphatically-absotively-posilutely-guaranteed be used to fund a ministry. If you wish to donate to a specific project, include that information in the field labeled, “Any additional specifics?”

If you have a wild and defiant streak and choose to set up your donation through the “Donate to a PROGRAM OR PROJECT” side, but you intend for the funds to reach Sowers4Pastors, you must specify that in the area that asks for "additional specifics”. It is not enough to put that you want the money to be used for a feeding center or to sponsor a child. There are other missionaries in other parts of the world who have those ministries, too. I repeat, if your intention for a donation to a program or project is to help fund the work done by Sowers4Pastors, you must indicate that!  

How does this affect your current ongoing automatic donation? I thought you’d never ask! In order to continue your ongoing donation, you must navigate the new site and set it up through the new system. Your previous automatic donation system will not work anymore. If you wish to continue giving to the ministries the Sowers are overseeing in Honduras, you must take a few minutes to set up your automatic giving!
As with most good changes, switching to this new and improved donation page will cause a few minor inconveniences. Think of them as growing pains. The good thing is that once you’ve made the switch to the new system, you will not need to bother with it again! If you have any questions or problems, as you navigate the new donation site, please call the Foundation office at (407) 730-3364. The folks there will be more than happy to help you with this! Thank you all, SO MUCH, for the part you play in making the these ministries possible!

- posted by Christi

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Tamara Manahan said...

Thanks for the update :) and for all your work!