Thursday, January 12, 2017

A Couple of Weeks in the Life . . . or . . . How Trish Really Blew it!

From Trish: We have been SO BUSY! Christi wrote this post for me, to tell you about the upcoming events, and I never added the pictures and put it up on the blog. Now, most of these events are already completed! Obviously I don't have time to re-write this in the past tense, so please just pretend you read this last week, okay? Thanks!


What are the Sowers up to this January? Thank you for asking! As usual, there’s too much going on to cover the entire month, but here’s a brief overview of a couple of weeks in the life of the Sowers:

Not that they’re complaining, but the arrival of Baby Abigail necessitated the rescheduling of a few things. Russell’s schedule had been blocked off to work on things in their new home before Abigail’s birth. Hahaha! Abigail had other plans and decided to arrive a little earlier than anticipated, so that schedule flew out the window. (Not that anyone is complaining!) The work still needs to be done, though now Abigail can act as supervisor.

There’s also still work in the coffee fields to be done. With a new baby and her very energetic big brother in the house, Russell should probably put some of that coffee aside for his personal use.

It’s almost time for Sowers4Pastors’ first visiting team of 2017 to hit the ground running in Honduras, so the Sowers are already running around preparing for the visit. Most of the team members are from Edgewater Alliance Church in Edgewater, Florida. The time prior to the visit being spent taking care of very glamorous missionary tasks like making sure the rental van and hotel reservations are confirmed. They are also contacting each pastor in the towns where the team will be visiting to be sure they all have a feeding day scheduled.

Children lined up for medical check-ups,
at Guacutao feeding center
Since Edgewater Alliance is the sister church of the Guacutao church, much of the team’s visit will be spent there. They will be distributing backpacks, shoes, and letters to the children of Guacutao. They will also be doing medical well visits, updating pictures for sponsors, helping the children write letters to their sponsors, playing games, leading crafts, and leading Good News Club activities. Maybe the most exciting part is the opportunity the team will have to pay home visits to the children they and some of their churchmates sponsor.

The team will also spend time at the feeding centers at Rancho Obispo, Posa Verde and  Nuevos Cedros, doing the same activities scheduled for Guacutao. It’s always nice when a visiting team consists of some medical staff, who are able to conduct medical visits for the children.

One of the team members is bringing a Spanish copy of “The Jesus Film” and several evenings will be spent going to smaller areas around Gracias to show the film. One of those areas will be the sister church at Guacutao.

Later in the week, a day will be spent visiting a girls’ orphanage and spending time with the children there. This is an orphanage where some of the team members have previously visited and they are eager to return.

As a special treat, the team members and children at the El Tablon feeding center will be dining together, one evening. They won’t be dining on the standard feeding center menu, however, as the Sowers have placed a special tamale order for the occasion! Some of the time will be spent seeing some of the sights, including the Sowers’ coffee farm.

Whew! I don’t know about you, but I’m tired just reading about it. I can’t wait to see what the second half of January has in store for Allen, Trish, Russell, and Iris. - posted by Christi

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